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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Operating in a manner which is both environmentally and socially responsible is central to the decision making at board level, on this page we address some of the things that we do to help make the world a better place.

Our Workplace & Workforce

We work hard to ensure that we provide a safe, secure and healthy workplace for our valued team. The company does not tolerate misconduct, bullying or harassment in any form and will investigate and take action when complaints are made, protecting whistle-blowers in the process. Employees and board members are expected to act honestly, respectfully and ethically at all times.

Our employment policies and practices are designed to attract and accommodate a diverse workforce with equal opportunities given regardless of age, gender, religion, disability, marital status, race, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation. It is essential that our workforce has a voice and is heard, to facilitate this the board meet every month with our staff committee in order to hear and discuss and address topics that staff feel are important and that need to be addressed. Our monthly employee newsletter keeps all staff equally well informed of developments across the business to ensure that everyone is engaged in developments. We encourage self-development, enabling staff to undertake training to facilitate growth within the business.

It is the companies policy to offer support to employees wherever needed to overcome challenges outside of work, such as dependence, financial problems, illness or challenges in their wider family. This may take the form of listening and referral, flexible working, additional leave or adaptations to the working environment.

We are committed to paying all staff at least the National Minimum/Living Wage, this includes temporary labour and interns.

Our Communities & Charities

We aim to be a good neighbour, as well as creating jobs within the local community we also support a number of organisations and charities which contribute to improving the lives of local people, including:

  • The Albion Foundation - through our work directly with the foundation, and WBAFC we make significant donations to support their work which ‘uses football to make a difference, raise aspirations and grow their people and participants’

  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital - we donate all funds raised by our annual Christmas Jumper Day to provide gifts for children who will be spending Christmas in hospital

  • Support for the homeless - homelessness is a huge problem in Birmingham, as it is in many towns and cities across the UK; we donate surplus garments including hoodies and hats to local homeless charities

  • Support for enterprise education - we do a huge amount of work with locals schools and regularly make staff available to contribute to enterprise education schemes, work skills events and mock interviews; we also provide print services to Young Enterprise companies at cost price and host work experience students

Our Environment

You can read more about our extensive efforts to ensure that the environment in which we operate is protected by clicking here.

Our Supply Chain

We are committed to ensuring suppliers reflect similar ethical, social and environmental values to our own.