Summer Holiday Plan

Summer is coming! Have you got any plans for this summer holiday? Are you trying to get yourself organised and thinking of ideas on keeping the kids entertained? 

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Designed by Clarkeprint

Designed by Clarkeprint

Christmas at Clarkeprint

Food Bank: We have had a collection for a local Food Bank located in the centre of Ladywood. Everyone had a good rifle through their cupboards and we filled three large boxes with food.

Raffle: A hamper filled with lots of Christmas themed goodies has been donated by the wife of one of our Directors, which has been raffled off and all the proceeds will be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Congratulations Gabby , don’t eat it all at once!

Christmas Jumper: Once again, all of our staff turned up with an array of Christmas knitwear on Wednesday 21st December. Everyone, of course, looked like complete festive fools. A prize was given to the person that made the most elfish effort, congratulations Ian C. Also the runner up prize was won by a fellow elf, Nathan.

Well done everyone for taking part and looking like a big bunch of Christmas crackers!


Last Friday we took part in “wear it pink” on behalf of Breast Cancer Now, a charity working to prevent breast cancer.
Each member of staff attended work in something pink. The super pink fashion parade included shirts, ties, wigs, tutu’s and even a pair of pants!! A fabulous PINK hamper had been donated by the wife of a Director, which was raffled off. Also as it was Friday, we persuaded everyone to forget those pesky diets and enjoyed our cake sale to add to the money raised.... yummy!

Our Pets

The film “The Secret Life of Pets” has inspired the staff at Clarkeprint to take some funny pictures of our pets.

If it’s not a sun bathing cat or a dog wanting to chase a ball but just can’t be bothered, it’s a pet just wanting to sleep.

We would love to hear how your pet behaves, good or bad!

The weekend is here!

Another great week of production at Clarkeprint.
All our Scottish shop floor staff wish Andy Murray all the best in his semi-final match today. Let’s hope he makes it to the final! 
It’s Nigel’s 50th birthday, so we are all meeting up on Broad Street tonight. Drinks on the Boss!!