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Product Innovation

The art of printing has been around for a long time, but we’re still finding new ways to help you communicate through print media.

Clarkeprint are committed to providing the best printing solutions, and we continually invest time and money into this area of development. We’re on hand to give knowledgeable advice to ensure that choices help you to achieve your goals, be that to enhance your brand or create a better experience for your customers.

We’re making it more accessible to add a flourish to your print too. For example, our digital foiling allows you to consider something once reserved for big print budgets as a feature on your business cards.

Clarkeprint also offers a number of specialist products such as augmented reality and digital integration, scratch off inks and scratch and sniff inks which can ultimately act as the cornerstone of a marketing campaign.

Enhance your print media

When you want to create differentiation, the print medium has many tricks up its sleeve. Innovations in print can elevate your brand and play a vital part in the sales process – we can help you make the right choices.

Execution is everything. It’s true that adding embellishments to print usually adds cost – so it’s important that it’s justified. Any additions need to make a difference, that’s why we offer advice to ensure your money is well spent.

Below are some of the products, services and facilities we offer to enhance your print and what they can do:

  • Individual personalisation – make your print speak directly to the reader, we deliver complex personalisation of text and imagery based on data sets supplied by you.

  • Laser cutting, die-cutting, kiss-cutting and engraving – change the way the reader interacts with print both visually and in the hand.

  • Foiling including special colours and finishes – add shimmer to your print, with digital foiling we can even personalise it

  • Metallic and fluorescent finishes – high end finishes can provide the differentiation desired by high-end brands.

  • Spot UV varnishing and other spot finishes – enhance images and create a difference in texture

  • Specialist laminates – add a different texture to your print or create a multi-layer visual effect with over-printable laminates.

  • Luxury materials – create something special or intriguing, we can supply specialist and luxurious paper and non-paper materials.

  • Bespoke fabrication – create unique signage, POS, mailers and marketing materials

Be a cut above

Making a lasting impression is the goal of many marketing campaigns, our specialist products can provide that missing ingredient that transcends your audience’s expectations. Why not consider:

  • Scratch-off inks – as you’d encounter on a scratch card, incorporating a scratch off ink to reveal something special encourages your audience to engage with what you send them. We also have solutions for making this feasible on short runs.

  • Scratch and sniff inks – you read that right, it’s a phrase that might remind you of your childhood, but our scented inks allow you to incorporate the essence of your essence. Gingerbread scented mailer at Christmas anyone?

  • Augmented reality and digital integration – with the multimedia approach, you can make your offering leap off the page, literally.

Save on your print

Innovation within print is also done in the name of saving money and time. We have a number of services and products specifically designed to reduce your costs and hassle and make it more affordable to achieve differentiation. These include:

  • Digital foiling – Foiling has traditionally been a high-end finish best done on longer runs due to its initial set up cost. Now, it’s not only more affordable and accessible, we can even offer individual personalisation on foiling.

  • Specialist laminates –an alternative to luxury materials that encourage tactile engagement at lower cost.

  • Individual personalisation – personalise media in the printing process, rather than in a separate procedure reducing cost and/or time.

  • Digital die-cutting – incorporate die-cutting in your print media without creating a die, making mailing short runs feasible.

  • Web2Print – a bespoke web portal for your staff through which you and your team can order print and stock – allowing for better stock and cost management, as well as greater consistency and brand adherence.

Develop your products

Looking before you leap on important printed materials can mean the difference between success and failure. Until a new combination of materials and finishes is tested, you can’t know for sure whether it will work. Our product development service allows you to test your ideas before you commit to a run, with:

  • Consultation and advice

  • Material sampling

  • Prototype production and development

  • Full service development

  • Assessment to ensure products are fit-for-purpose

  • Mass production of approved formats

For more information on our innovative products and services and how they can benefit your printed materials, please contact us on 0121 454 7117 or email to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

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